When Someone Must Replace Car Window After a Burglary

Breaking a side window is the easiest way for a burglar to gain entry to a locked vehicle. Although this sets off car alarms in most passenger vehicles being used today, that’s not always a deterrent. A would-be thief who sees something enticing inside the car knows that smashing the window, grabbing the item and dashing away is easy on a quiet street or parking lot with no foot traffic. That leaves the vehicle owner with the need to replace car window as soon as possible.

Hiding or Removing Objects of Worth

Burglaries often can be prevented by hiding any objects of worth under the seat, in a trunk or under some canvas bags for grocery shopping. Sometimes vehicle owners are surprised at the relatively low worth of items thieves are willing to burglarize a car for. They might grab an MP3 player or even a group of CDs.

Hiding those items in a center console is best if the vehicle has one. Otherwise, although it’s inconvenient, they probably shouldn’t be left in the car. It can cost more to get a side window replaced than to replace an MP3 player, depending on the brand and model.

Some items are far too attractive to burglars to be left on the seat in plain view. A laptop computer and a tablet are common examples. Even if a neighborhood seems safe, leaving these electronics where any passersby can see them is an invitation for trouble.

Broken Windows and Automotive Insurance

Automotive insurance typically doesn’t cover window replacement because the deductible usually is set higher than that cost. A deductible of $500 is very common for automotive insurance policies, as customer have to pay significantly more when they ask for a $100 or $200 deductible.

Knowing Location Reputation

In some neighborhoods, smash-and-grab incidents are quite common. It’s good to know where these places are and to take extra precautions when having to park a car there. Some are popular tourist locations and others sketchier parts of a city. If glass does get broken by a vandal or thief, the window can be replaced by a company such as Novus Glass.