What’s the difference between a Fraxel laser and Infini skin treatment?

There are various unpleasant skin conditions that affect the Asian population more than others like the Western population. Many factors contribute to these skin problems such as hot weather and too much sun exposure, genetics and skin colour as well as pollution. With the advancement in dermatological care nowadays, people have more access to plenty of aesthetic skin treatments.

Common skin problems faced by the general population here in Asia are such as acne and its scars, saggy skin, pigmentation, sunburn, and pre-cancerous skin conditions. Popular cosmetic products that often used by the mass are like creams, ointments, and supplements for skin problems. However, these methods usually take a long time and their efficacy often poor in achieving desirable results. The use of laser technology in the aesthetic industry enabling not only quick but also an effective treatment among these common skin problems.

What are the differences between the Fraxel laser and Infini skin treatment? Are they both good for skin rejuvenation?

Fraxel laser is a treatment that uses a high energy beam to penetrate the surface of the skin and causing the layer of the dermis which is the layer below the epidermis to burn off and hence stimulating natural collagen and elastin growth. The laser can penetrate up to 1.0-2.5 mm in depth.

Infini laser treatment, on the other hand, uses the same principle as Fraxel laser but with the additional use of microneedle and different types of laser. The beam that this treatment use is the high radio-frequency beam that can penetrate deeper into the skin up to 3.5mm. Both of these treatments can be used for the skin rejuvenation and problems listed above.

Other differences that people can find between these two treatments are the downtime or recovery period after the procedure. Generally, Fraxel laser has a downtime of 4-5 days while Infini treatment has a recovery period of 3-4 days. Although it does not seem much, in some people, the former treatment can last up to a week or more. The short amount of recovery time seen in Infini treatment is due to the used of insulation in microneedle and the deep penetration of its beam which provides less collateral damage and precise treatment.

After surgery, patients undergoing Fraxel treatment will usually develop crusted and pigmented lesions due to the effects of the laser. This will heal by itself with proper skincare during the recovery period as the skin will shed this lesion with a replacement of more aesthetically pleasing skin. Meanwhile, people undergoing Infini treatment also will develop skin lesion but it is usually red in colour and diminish relatively quicker.

Despite the slight advantage presented by Infini laser treatment, when it comes to cost, Fraxel laser provides a cheaper alternative. This is also one of the reasons Fraxel treatment became popular even though its counterpart treatment showed slightly more benefits. Both skin treatments, however, have been proven in trials and real-life practice to be significantly effective in rejuvenating patients’ skin to the best outcome possible.

Overall, people can choose and discuss with the aesthetic doctors regarding the appropriate treatment that suits them in terms of the cost and recovery time. It is important to note for those who want to do laser treatment about rules before and after the procedure that needs to be followed in order to give them the full benefits of the treatment given.


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