What Happens After a Hit and Run? How Often Do Police Officers Manage to Catch Hit and Run Drivers?

Hit and run victims may worry about how they’re going to be compensated for the accident. After all, they do not know who the liable driver is, so they’ll be required to pay the expenses relating to the accident on their own or through their insurance company. Because of this, they may wonder what happens after the accident and how hit and run drivers are caught.

Gathering Evidence After the Accident

After the accident, if the victim is able, they should gather as much evidence of what happened as possible. Photos of the damage to the vehicle, the position of the vehicle, and more can all help show what happened in the accident. If there are witnesses, the victim can get the contact information for all of the witnesses in case they remember any details that can be helpful in catching the hit and run driver. Any information they do find should be given to the police officer handling the case even if the victim doesn’t think it’s enough. Even small details can lead to the hit and run driver.

What the Police Can Do to Catch the Driver

The police officer will use any information available about the accident to find the hit and run driver. If a witness or video surveillance footage provides the license plate number, they can look up the registered owner of the vehicle. If the police officer is able to determine the make and model of the vehicle and has a partial license plate, that information can be used to narrow down potential vehicles and find the one that caused the accident. Depending on the information at hand and the severity of the case, they may also turn to the local news stations or social media to get help finding the hit and run driver.

So, How Often Do Police Officers Manage to Catch Hit and Run Drivers? The police do not catch all hit and run drivers, though they may be able to catch many of them because of the technology available today. If you’ve been injured in a hit and run accident, work with the officers by giving them any information you might have so they can find the at-fault driver for you.