What are the Technologies Involved in Medical Manufacturing?

Medical manufacturing is one of the fastest-growing manufacturing industries in the world. As medical science advances, the need for more medical equipment grows. In medical manufacturing, there are many technologies and processes that are used to create equipment. The following are just some of these technologies so individuals can realize just how impressive the scope of medical manufacturing truly is.

What Technologies and Processes are Commonly Used in Medical Manufacturing?

Medical manufacturing includes industries in orthopedics, surgery, imaging, and more. There are some very complex machines and devices that must be created to treat a wide array of conditions. The following are some of the technologies and processes that are used in the manufacturing of all types of medical equipment.

  • 3D imaging is a fairly new concept in the world of medical manufacturing, but it is growing in popularity and being used more often than ever before. This type of image scanning allows medical manufacturers to scan 3D models and recreate them in perfect and exacting detail. With 3D printing and imagining technology, medical manufacturers are able to create precise medical devices, down to the most minute of details.
  • Measurement and inspections are integral when it comes to producing medical devices of the highest caliber. Lives depend on these devices being perfect in scope. With the right equipment, medical manufacturers can inspect devices down to the micron and submicron levels. This is integral for identifying any flaws.
  • Lasers are devices that are often used in the manufacturing of medical equipment. Lasers are more precise than other tools, so human error is greatly diminished. A laser can safely and effectively cut through a wide array of materials, without causing damage.
  • There are many types of coatings and surface treatments that are needed for various types of medical equipment and devices. One of the most common types of coatings is biocompatible.

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