Using Multiple Platforms for Payment? Discover BlueSnap

The practice of using multiple platforms to process a variety of payment types is common among businesses. One platform may only process traditional payment methods, such as cash, credit cards and debit cards. Another one is needed to handle electronic types of payment which include Paypal and a host of others. Businesses that have international customers require a platform with the capacity to process foreign currencies.


Maintaining the services of different platforms is expensive in more ways than one. A setup cost, monthly charges, fees per transaction and any overage penalties all add up fast which is expensive. Owners may not even realize the total expenditure because each provider determines pricing and sends an invoice.

There is a cost of time involved as well. Either the owner or the accountant must go through separate reports and determine how to apply that information. This can be time-consuming and confusing delaying any growth possibilities.

Opportunities to raise revenues or target a new audience are identified in accurate reporting and analysis. Reaction time is slow when several reports must be deciphered. This translates to catching up on industry trends and providing an advantage to the competition.

One Complete Platform

It is time to consider other options, such as BlueSnap. An all-in-one platform that is designed to process most types of payment, including global currencies. Pricing is simple and transparent with zero setup fees. The result is one detailed report that allows owners to direct businesses toward higher revenues and expansion.

Not all platforms are designed to integrate with business systems. Achieving integration can mean altering some of the business procedures and programs. Is this process worth the trouble for multiple platforms? A complete platform integrates seamlessly with many business platforms so nothing about operations changes.

Going Global

Being able to accept several currencies opens businesses to entirely new possibilities and audiences to target. The secure gateway to national and international payment types is one of the features of an all-in-one platform. Fraud management tools alert users to incidences, so they can take immediate action. This advanced feature alleviates some concern on the part of owners about going global with the business.