Signs You May Have a Cavity

There are multiple signs that may alert a person they have a cavity. Seeking dental care for a cavity is crucial for ensuring the decay does not spread and begin to affect other teeth. When cavities erupt, individuals need to seek care from Amazing Smiles Family Dentistry.

Signs of Cavities

Being aware of the warning signs of cavities is essential. Seeking prompt care will help to keep the cavity from worsening and causing major damages that could result in tooth loss. The following are some of the common signs individuals can expect when a cavity is present.

  • One of the first signs people will often notice is pain. When tooth pain strikes, it is almost always caused by decay, especially when no known injury has occurred. If a person’s tooth pain is unrelenting, they need to seek care from the dentist right away.
  • Changes in the appearance of a tooth can also warn of decay. If a tooth suddenly starts to darken, gain white spots, or pit, these can be signs of decay. Waiting until the pain strikes can lead to serious damage.
  • People may find their tooth starts to feel strange when they bite down or chew. Pressure on the tooth can reveal its weakness and cause strange sensations and pain. If this is occurring, individuals need to see a dentist right away.
  • It is common for individuals to experience increased sensitivity when their tooth has decay. Individuals may notice they have increased sensitivity when they are eating sweets or hot or cold foods.

How Does the Dentist Repair Cavities?

When a patient has a cavity, the dentist will first numb the area being treated. Going by the X-rays and physical examination results, the dentist will then begin to remove the decayed tissue as much as possible. This leaves behind an opening that will require a filling.

Dental fillings can be made from different materials, including metals and resins. The dentist will fill the tooth and then cure the material with a special light so it completely hardens. With a filling in place, the individual’s tooth will be made stronger and there will be no more pain.