Jim Plante Knows About Investing in Early-Stage Healthcare, Therapeutics and Technology Companies

Investments in early-stage healthcare, technology, and therapeutics companies fuel discoveries that address major diseases. Finding new treatments and cures can extend the healthspan of people and be the foundation for additional research. Jim Plante knows about investing in early-stage health care, therapeutics, and technology companies.

Investing in the Pre-Clinic Phase

To realize significant returns, investors often decide to invest when drug candidates are in an early or pre-clinical phase. Sometimes it can be beneficial to create a partnership during drug discovery. Either way, momentum builds to generate necessary resources to fuel clinical trials as well as product development and regulatory approval.

Address Widespread Disease

The widespread disease impacts numerous patients, and some of them are not being addressed effectively. An experienced management team makes a difference, as well as a team that is open to progressive change. Jim is an entrepreneur, investor, and inventor that works with portfolio companies to accomplish objectives and increase value.

Innovative Break-Throughs

One way to make a positive change, as well as realize potentially impressive returns, is to find innovative break-through opportunities. An example is an updated replacement or innovative complement to existing products. Opportunities include unmet needs in commercially strong markets, to produce items that are most likely to get good reimbursement.

Address the Diseases of Aging

For most fortunate people, getting older is an inevitable occurrence that brings with it some health issues. Major diseases in this area include cancer, Alzheimer’s, human frailty, diabetes, and kidney diseases. Innovations in these areas are sure to have an active market if the products deliver as intended.

A Man With Motivation

Jim is motivated to pursue treatment for chronic diseases by his father’s genetic disorder, polycystic kidney disease (PKD). Because testing was uncommon at the time, the PKD was not discovered early enough to delay kidney failure. Though his dad got a transplant, he died later of cancer.

Knowing the right areas of investment, especially for those who are equally dedicated to finding viable treatments, can be a challenge without the expertise of someone who understands the current marketplace. Consult with Jim today to learn more about the innovations of tomorrow.