How Leaders Like Jim Plante are Helping More People Enjoy Improved Wellness

There is an almost unfathomable amount of information locked up in the genes of every human being. Understanding just what DNA says about a person’s body and wellness-related situation, though, is not necessarily straightforward.

Leaders in the field like Jim Plante have been working for many years to help turn genetic testing into a tool that can benefit individual people in concrete, personally significant ways. Progress is now being made at such a rate that many experts expect the entire field of wellness care to be transformed in short order.

Understanding Enables Unprecedented Improvements in Wellness

Every person is truly unique, even in the case of twins whose genes are nearly or exactly identical. While the DNA found throughout a person’s body has a lot to say, understanding the messages locked up within it takes a great deal of work.

It is starting to become a lot more practical, though, to identify the presence of genetic markers that have significant implications for human wellness. Some of the types of issues with which accurate, accessible genetic testing can help today are:

  • Nutrition. Although nutritionists do a good job of establishing general guidelines for everyone to follow, each person’s body reacts differently to dietary modifications. Being able to highlight genetic markers whose presence indicates an inability to handle certain types of food can produce impressive gains in wellness. The genes that combine to determine how a person’s metabolism functions interact in a wide variety of complicated ways. Testing that allows wellness experts to pin down and unravel these connections can end up being invaluable.
  • Fitness. Particularly fit people tend to enjoy life more than others and experience heightened levels of basic wellness. Once again, genetic markers can suggest that certain people are predisposed to react more favorably than others to particularly types of exercise. When genetic testing can be used to shine a light on such inclinations, wellness can be more easily achieved.

A Bright Future for Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is increasingly being used to allow more informed management of issues like these and others. Over time, that should mean that more and more people enjoy levels of wellness that would once have been considered out of reach.