How Does the Dentist Treat Cavities?

When a cavity strikes, it is important individuals schedule appointments at the dental offices in Newnan GA. When cavities are treated in their earlier stages, the tooth can often be saved. It is important individuals know how the dentist will treat their cavity so they will be prepared.

What Are the Signs of Cavities?

There are different signs that may begin to occur when a person develops a cavity. In the beginning, cavities will typically show no outward signs which is why it is so important individuals seek dental examinations on a regular basis. When the dentist takes X-rays and performs an examination, they are able to find cavities when they are still in their early stages. This is when cavities are most treatable. The following are the signs individuals can expect from cavities.

  • Pitting, dark spots, or white spots
  • Pain in the tooth
  • Sensitivity
  • Pain and pressure when biting down or chewing

If any of the above is occurring, an individual should plan on scheduling an appointment with the dentist. Prompt dental care will help individuals to avoid complications that can lead to tooth loss.

How Are Cavities Repaired?

When a cavity is found in a tooth, the dentist will numb the area and then begin treatment. The dentist will remove the decayed tooth tissue, but this leaves behind an opening in the tooth. The opening needs to be filled with a special filling to help seal the tooth and prevent nerve pain. With the filling in place, the tooth will be much stronger and less likely to become damaged.

It is important individuals understand they will not experience any pain during the procedure. There may be some minor irritation and soreness after the filling is put in place, but this typically goes away quickly.

If you have noticed any of the above signs, it is a possibility your tooth is decaying. Seeing the dentist as soon as possible will allow your tooth to be properly treated. Call the office right away and allow them to schedule your appointment. They are the dental experts you can fully rely on for all of your oral health needs.