Benefits of Using Ducray Products

On a French island just off the coast of Brittany, Duchy of Normandy is home to a prestigious company known as Ducray. Established in 1854, Ducray was formed by three fur trappers of the family Robureaux, from a small village near St. Nin. As a manufacturer of fabrics and beauty products, the company boasts a long history.

Ducray has won recognition for its outstanding quality. The company’s specialized stylists are famous for creating hair solutions, spa services, fragrance and grooming treatments that make anyone look and feel better.

With the use of the latest innovations in beauty care, every client receives an esthetician who can guarantee comfort and beauty using products that are of highest quality. This is possible by using artificial ingredients and products, while offering the healing properties of natural ingredients. In addition, such solutions are always made up of all-natural ingredients.
Ducray is the official supplier of a salon and spa in Perigord in Brittany, which is located on the beach at the western tip of the island. There, the customers can experience the luxurious atmosphere of a salon or spa in France. Besides offering the beautiful atmosphere of a spa, the salon in Perigord offers the luxury treatment of a Hollywood-style facials and massages. Customers can take advantage of a relaxing, therapeutic and restorative treatments.
The products offered at the salon, make use of new technologies, like smooth and gentle massages, and modern treatments like chemical peels, laser, and the latest waxing techniques. Other services include dry skin therapy, to help clients with sensitive skin.
There are many products available through Ducray. These include skin care products, hair care products, nail care products, etc. It is also offering an extensive range of health, beauty and wellness products, which include food supplements, nutritional supplements, vitamins, multivitamins, herbals, dietary supplements, herbal teas, etc. They also provide aromatherapy for skin and body, as well as a complete line of herbal massage products.
From hair care products to shoes, all products are designed to make you look and feel good. Hair accessories and beauty products are available in a wide range of styles and colors.
For the elegant environment and services of beauty salons, Ducray has been manufactured several products of its own. The products offer patients the convenience of wearing whatever they want and also being treated as they wish. In addition, it is offering a variety of services including cosmetology and pedicures.
Ducray is always at the forefront of innovation and offers clients with excellent customer service. Its services are always attentive and professional. Whether you’re looking for salon grooming, diet and nutrition, hair and skin care, or prescription medications, you’ll find the experts of the industry ready to assist you.
Ducray’s services are designed to help clients look and feel their best. From waxing, nail grooming, eyebrow shaping, facials, massage therapy, to hair color, Ducray makes it possible for clients to have a beautiful, healthy, and glowing appearance. By partnering with beauty salons and spas all over the world, Ducray provides clients with a variety of service options and personalized services.
The reach of Ducray products is worldwide. The products have been designed to meet all skin and hair requirements. Not only are these products affordable but they’re also affordable for all skin types and hair types.
So, if you want a beauty salon for your friends and loved ones, consider Ducray. You will find a wide selection of products from professionals of the industry. These products are not only safe, but they are also affordable, giving you the opportunity to see all of your friends and loved ones looking beautiful and healthy.

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