Attractive Office Furniture Without the Lofty Prices

When a start-up company first gets up and running or a small business expands, they typically need furniture to accommodate the new employees and equipment. Purchasing new cabinets, desks, chairs, and cubicles can put quite a strain on a business’s finances, but some companies specialize in refurbishing office furniture and offering the products at much more affordable prices. To get started, customers can visit websites like to peruse all of the available products and read about the optional services they can take advantage of.

Don’t Assume the Worst

Many people think of remanufactured office furniture as battered items that may be faded and warped. What they don’t realize is that companies like Talimar Systems Inc. discard anything that isn’t salvageable and completely makeover the usable components. That includes applying new paint, laminate, and fabrics so that the furniture looks as good as new. Since this process doesn’t involve major fabrication or a large number of raw materials, the end products are priced significantly lower than newly manufactured pieces.

Blend the New with the Old

After years of successful operation, most companies tend to expand and require more cubicles but discover their current cubicle model is no longer being manufactured. Fortunately, they can turn to refurbishers to find cubicles of the same make or a similar style so their integration is not jarring. If not an exact match, the refurbished cubicles can typically be arranged to coordinate with the existing furniture as well as covered in a corresponding fabric. In the end, there may be some slight differences, but once the cubicles are filled with employees, it will be hard to even notice.

Incorporating Green Initiatives into Office Furniture

Being environmentally responsible is a major goal for businesses these days since it reduces the amount of waste and air pollutants produced, creates a healthier workplace environment, and helps meet specific government standards. Companies like Talimar Systems can further help customers with this endeavor since they use recycled Terratex fabric on all re-manufactured furniture as well as incorporate low-emission laminate products on specific surfaces. The use of this fabric ensures that petroleum resources were not accessed during the manufacturing process while the laminate meets strict emission requirements to prohibit harmful toxins from gradually entering the air or absorbing into human skin.