A Quick Look at One Automotive-Industry Lender’s Recent Nonprofit Support Work

Indirect lenders help many people obtain the financing they need to purchase vehicles. Some such businesses also do a great deal of equally important work of entirely different kinds behind the scenes. A quick look at some of the charities that one leader in the field has recently supported will reveal just how much the community benefits from its activities.

A Leading Secondary Lender Steps Up to Support the Community

With a number of branches spread across the country, Consumer Portfolio Services (CPS) has been a leader in the field of indirect automotive lending for decades. In addition to providing the financing that Americans so often need when the time arrives to buy a car, though, CPS has long emphasized giving back to the community.

Each month, a different CPS branch takes responsibility for identifying some worthy charities to support in its own area. As a post on the company’s Facebook page details, the CPS Virginia branch recently provided support to local nonprofits like:

  • Eastern Virginia Medical School. Medical schools all across the country are hotbeds of therapeutic research and innovation while also being trusted sources of treatment for people throughout their areas. The team at the Eastern Virginia Medical School has made headlines for its attempts to find better ways of treating prostate cancer, the most common form of the disease among men. By supporting the Eastern Virginia Medical School’s prostate cancer treatment program, CPS hopes to benefit people all over the area and far beyond.
  • Help & Emergency Response Shelter. Virginia’s Help & Emergency Response Shelter provides housing and support for women and children who have been exposed to domestic and sexual violence. Offering these critically important types of assistance, though, takes more in the way of resources than many realize. Recognizing this, the CPS Virginia branch opted to make this especially efficient nonprofit the recipient of the company’s most recent charity support drive.

Many More Ways One Company Has Helped

Supporting nonprofit groups like these inevitably benefits both the associated community and the world in general. Lenders like CPS have consistently used their resources to ensure that such important organizations have the support they need to keep doing such important and valuable work.